LocaProxy is a HTTP proxy and VPN service solution provider, allowing you to utilize our proxy servers around the world to meet your business needs such as application and network testing.

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer.

No, we don’t display advertisement in all commercial plans.

Yes, everything works the same like you browse the website with the LocaProxy.

Although you may configure the proxy settings inside browser configuration page, we recommend you using LocaProxy Toolbar with Mozilla Firefox browser. You will find it easier to switch between proxies.

Yes, it works with HTTPS connection.

Regularly we will scout the web to filter out the unethical, pornography, infected and phishing domain. This is one way to protect you from any possible virus infection or phishing activities.

No. We only record the non-intrusive information, such as IP address, URL and bandwidth, for the account billing and management purpose.

HTTP proxy usage refers to the amount of data passing through the proxy server via proxy methods. Generally, it means the connection made from the proxy configuration in browsers or other application layers.

VPN proxy usage refers to the amount of data passing through the isolated remote network (traffic tunneling).

We support PPTP protocol.

No, we do not support OpenVPN.

For flash or video streaming, the streaming will not be routed through the web proxy server but a direct streaming from your peer to the other end. Hence, if you wish to view flash or video streaming from a proxy location, you have to access it using the VPN.

The subscription period is based on calendar month. It will start from the 1st day of the month and end with the last day of the month.

You will have to pay for the full subscription price for that calendar month regardless of the subscription date. And, the subscription will be ended in that calendar month, but you still enjoy the full bandwidth and all benefits stated inside the plan.

Your account will be disabled until the next renewal. If you need the access immediately, you may choose to upgrade your plan to extend your bandwidth quota.

Unfortunately, the expiration date remains the same which is the end of the month. However, you can enjoy all the new benefits and features stated inside the plan immediately.

No, we only allow monthly subscription. We will auto renew the subscription every month based on the credit card under the account.

Unfortunately, you can't downgrade your plan. You may subscribe a new plan that suit to your needs and let the previous plan terminated by itself.

You are free to terminate your subscription at your convenient. The termination will not affect the present month subscription, but will only take effect on the next month renewal.

We are regret that we do not offer refund for the service. However, you can terminate your subscription so that it will not be charged again next month.

Yes, you subscription will be automatically renewed on the 1st day of the month. Our system will send out the renewal notice 2 days before the charge occur.

You cannot change the proxy server location for the present month, once you confirmed the selection. However, you are allowed to change the location for the next month.

Yes, the HTTP usage quota is different from VPN usage quota, and they are calculated and maintained separately.

Your HTTP proxy account will be suspended. However, you may still access your VPN service if the usage is not exceeded the quota.

Your VPN proxy account will be suspended. However, you may still access your HTTP service if the usage is not exceeded the quota.

Just fill in the details in https://www.locaproxy.com/affiliate/register and register an account. It doesn't require you to be a customer to join the affiliate program.

For any 2 or more friends who purchase our plan, we will reward you with 1 month free subscription of your existing plan, subject to the condition that at least one referral purchase having the same or higher subscription plan as yours. However, if you are not yet our customer with no existing subscribed plan, we will reward you with our Developer Plan (worth $19.95).

Unfortunately, no. We will only reward you with 1 month free subscription plan for 2 or more referral purchases in a calendar month.

Referral purchases will be summed and checked in the first day of a calendar month. If you are eligible for a reward, we will notify you via email with the details about your reward.

It will be reset in the first of every calendar month.